Studio 5/6

Studio 5/6 is a learning platform that aims to cultivate the digital skills of Qatar’s youth, for ages ranging from 7 to 18. Students learn how to use technology to its ultimate potential, which also aids in building many social and developmental skills, among them being creativity, teamwork, and critical thinking.
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Under the wing of the Ministry of Transport and Communications’ Digital Youth Strategy, the platform’s ultimate goal is to build up a generation that uses technology not passively, but rather mindfully and skillfully.

STUDIO 5/6 is envisaged as a community platform that offers technology and allied equipment support for hands-on learning opportunities. Here youth can develop their problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity and innovation skills. This will also develop young people’s knowledge of technology and help them to become future creators of technology.Applab has designed the portal in an accessible way according to all Mada standards. The core of this project is to cater to the users who participate in workshops. Studio 5/6 offers workshops that are either one-time or span several days.

Visitors can easily sign up in order to register in the workshops. The portal also allows profiles to be linked, which gives the guardian or school teacher the ability to register the students into the activities. Considering that the workshops may also be divided according to age range and gender, the system is designed and developed to be capable of gender and age validation.

Applab has ensured that the portal is as user friendly as possible.

The design of the website is sleek, simple, and easy to navigate. The registration process is easy for all ages to follow. Registered users can update their profile settings and manage which profiles they are linked to. They can also see all the activities and workshops that they are enrolled in, are placed on the waiting list, or have already attended.

From the backend, admin users have access to many crucial elements, such as:

  • Content management system (CMS) to edit the content and manage courses<
  • Enrollment list
  • Waiting list, and approving users who are on the waiting list
  • Attendance system, which sends the user an email to confirm their attendance
  • Dashboard, which displays the numbers of each activity’s users, the activity reports, and student reports

Additionally, following the COVID-19 pandemic, Applab was quick to implement a module which allows admins to send the links for the online workshops, making the transition from physical to online as smooth as possible.

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