Q Weather – Stunning User Interface and Popular and Essential Application

The Q Weather Application is an example of the excellent Mobile Applications Development and User Interface Design and Implementation skills of Applab’s team.
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Our Success Story

Applab won the TASMU Q Weather Platform UX/UI competition organized by Ministry of Transportation and Communication (MoTC). Around QR4.7m invested in Qatari start-ups in 2018

The TASMU Smart Qatar initiative aims to transform Qatar into a world-class smart city and increase the standard of living in Qatar, in accordance with the Qatar National Vision 2030. Applab was honored to win the competition and support this vision by implementing the design and launching the Q Weather app.

At different intervals of the year, Q Weather is the No. 1 weather application in the Qatari Apple Store.


The Q Weather app is a simple yet comprehensive and highly useful application for Qatar’s residents.

The Q Weather app provides a wide variety of weather data including, but not limited to: Forecasts, weather maps, seasonal data, worldwide weather reports, and tide predictions.

The app also has detailed weather data for inshore and offshore, which specifies the weather’s status, wind speed, visibility, humidity, and sea levels. The user can also choose to activate push notifications, which will provide them with updates on the status of the weather, providing users with several types of valuable weather information in a seamless, user-friendly manner. This is made possible through a number of integrations with Local Governmental Systems and International Providers.

Some of the other intriguing features of the app include:

  • Weather forecasts for the upcoming week over all areas of Qatar and different cities around the world
  • Day-to-day updates and predictions about the tides in all Qatar’s coastal cities, in addition to recommendations for suitable outdoor and marine activities depending on the weather condition
  • Rain Radar: an animated map that shows the predicted rainfall rate throughout the day in all areas of Qatar
  • Weather Maps: an animated map that shows real-time cloud, wind, and rain predictions in the area
qweather tides
qweather tides
Q Weather is an application carried out by Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), an official governmental institution recognized to be internally and externally responsible for civil aviation affairs.

It participates in policy development at both regional and international levels through its internal departments & units, as well as the international organizations and associations of which it is a member. It also upgrades Civil Aviation and Meteorological sectors towards high levels in terms of efficiency and accuracy.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) manages, carries out maintenance of, and develops weather stations and all related weather forecast facilities. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) also carries out the weather report based on aviation and marine forecasting.

Visit the Civil Aviation Authority website for more information.


Get the Q Weather app on your iOS and Android and you'll never be caught unaware by the weather conditions in Doha and surrounding areas ever again.

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